Dubai Fountain 2010 Thriller

MichelleMichelle Posts: 325
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Ok, this is the coolest thing i've seen so far done with water, absolutely amazing!!! Enjoy  ::P<br /><br />


  • diggyondiggyon Posts: 1,376
    I have seen this video on youtube as well and I loved it. Thanks for sharing.
  • Awesome! It's like water fireworks ::P
  • My favorite place on Earth!  /woohoo/ Watched it like a thousand times and still can't get enough of it. I wish all you guys could join me and watch it live. And now they made it even cooler they added red and green colors to it.
  • crinacrina Posts: 67
    I love this fountain  /bravo/
  • wishingstarwishingstar Posts: 2,927
    I can't get over how much the water looks like fire.........really neat video Michelle.  Thank you so much for posting it!<br />Have a beautiful day!<br /><br />Blessings Always
  • blankieblankie Posts: 2,350
    Thanks for sharing amazing !!!  :icon_cry:  :icon_razz:
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