Just made a video for everyone who is missing Michael.

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I got an idea and woke up all night making this piece. Tt's such a good song and reminds me of Michael's life and pain.<br /><br />Please tell me what you think, thanks.<br /><br />


  • marumjjmarumjj Posts: 1,027
    vanessa very nice your video, you put the title clearly reflects our feelings.<br />I trust that everything will be in place and the questions we all ask will be to light.<br />We just have to stay strong and not lose faith. Thanks for sharing  :bearhug:
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    Very nice! First time I've seen some of those images. <br />Thanks for sharing  :icon_e_biggrin:
  • PureLovePureLove Posts: 5,891
    Beautiful video. Thank you.   :icon_e_biggrin:
  • :th_bravo: That was nice - The lyrics of the song also went well with it...You know - sometimes I wish he would throw out some significant ''signs'' for us - once in a long while...if he is out there somewhere...that is what usually gets me down. Sometimes I feel like we are reading things the way we want, so we can see things the way we want. But if he is really out there - if he could send some kind of sign, something more obvious than those that we have to scrutinize and try to convince ourselves of the hidden message...it really would help...at least for me it would...<br /><br />Michael, don't know about anyone else, but for me - my oxygen tank needs a boost....could you light up that torch a little bit more?  :smiley-vault-misc-150:
  • vanessavanessa Posts: 80
    Thank you, you all really nice :)<br /><br />I'm missing Michael so much this past 2 days, thank you for all your support.
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