2Bad from the Movie Ghost - epic epic epic

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Any body has seen this?<br /><br /> /><br />It's short film of '2Bad' from movie Ghost. I believe this is one of Michael's most EPIC dance moves. He's so full of energy and it's so hot makes me feel  like fainting.<br /><br />Anybody share my opinion? Why isn't this track receiving much attention it totally deserves?<br /><br />


  • Oh. My. Goodness!  :-[<br /><br />This is my favourite bit in the whole of the Ghosts short film! I love the song, and, of course, I love the dance. It's actually probably one of my favourites, which is saying something because there are a lot MJ dances out there. Thank you so much for posting!!
  • This is probably my fave style for Michaels hair. Love it blowing in the wind. mmm mmmmmm good. I could eat him like a m & m lol.
  • Thanks for sharing the link - I think his dance moves are phenomenal. There are very few that can dance like that, in my opinion - but there are a few. What makes him stand out is his charisma. He has the whole package and you can't turn your gaze away from him to watch the other dancers. At least that is the case with me. <br /><br />I am always intrigued by these channels, wondering who they belong to because Sony is so proactive in shutting down sites that use his videos illegally. We've seen many hoax videos, especially recently, taken down because of the music.<br /><br />So - here is the user information. This person created his/her account and then posted only two videos since that time. The last one on April 19, 2008. I can't view the other video because of my country's laws so this tells me this user is not American. We may never know the answer to this but I find it interesting all the same.<br /><br />Created by<br />s2000cc<br /><br />Latest Activity<br />Apr 19, 2008<br />Date Joined<br />Nov 12, 2006<br />
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