Just drew this Of MJ, have not drawn in over 3 years :)

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I've linked the drawing to my twitter since Im not sure how to upload pics anymore lol, Its been a while since I've posted a pic.http://twitter.com/Becca29858/status/198319300459761665/photo/1


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    Really nice Becca, you should do it more! I used to draw Michael all the time when I was younger, but I don't have a clue about how to upload pictures either  :icon_lol:. I should go find those old drawings.
  • @Becca26.... Beautiful drawing Becca, you should post more often and show us your beautiful Michael's drawings  :compute:  :bearhug:
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    Beautiful drawing becca......you are very talented!  I love the eyes...you did a really nice job on them.....all of it is really great!<br />Keep it up.....and thank you for sharing it!<br /><br />Blessings to you!
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    Thank you all soooooooooo much you are all so kind, Its something I used to do as a child...funny like MJ I first wanted to be a artist, but music has always been in the back of my mind, Ive been singing since I was 5, now Im out here in Los Angeles going to try to get into the film thing lol, Please share your drawings I'd love to see them, or anyother form of expression if you want to share. :) Godbless :D
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    i would love to share mines, but i don't know how...someone?<br />
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    AsCSWmBCEAEOyP8.jpg<br /><br />This is so beautiful becca. You're talented.  :th_bravo:<br /><br />Katoo, you can take a picture of your drawings and upload them to your pc first and then upload them to a picture sharing web-site like Imageshack and post the link of the pic here on the forum. Hope it helps.  :icon_e_smile:
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    Aww Thank you Purelove for posting it and your kind words Goodbless you love. :)
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    on 1336165355:
    <br />Aww Thank you Purelove for posting it and your kind words Goodbless you love. :)<br />
    <br /><br />God bless you too sis. Pls keep on sharing your beautiful drawings. Wish I could drow pictures but the best I could draw would look like this one below. <br /><br />adszrs5.png<br /><br /> :icon_lol:
  • becca26becca26 Posts: 789
    :LolLolLolLol: :th_bravo: I likey , you are too cute, have a blessed day sweetheart :)
  • PureLovePureLove Posts: 5,891
    thankyou.gifand have a blessed day to you too. dancegirl2.gif bollywood1.gif
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    :th_bravo: Congratulation becca....you are very good  :icon_razz: and the subject is a great inspiration  :icon_lol:.. better than that does not exist  :michael-jackson:  :bearhug:
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    And Katooooooo drew these ones. AMAZING!!!  :th_bravo:<br /><br />18904610150102921513882.jpg<br />35197404842358881683088.jpg<br />25912347601618881683088.jpg
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    Wow. Talent galore.  Beautiful drawings.  BTW, I L.O.V.E your tat.  :compute:  AWESOME!  :michael_jackson-1135:
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    Thanks Purelove :)
  • PureLovePureLove Posts: 5,891
    on 1336257919:
    <br />Thanks Purelove :)<br />
    <br /><br />Don't mention it.  :icon_e_wink: You guys are really very talented. I LOVED all of your drawings. WOW!!! 
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      Wow both got talent.Congratulation katooooooo and becca26 keep on. :th_bravo:
  • becca26becca26 Posts: 789
    GREAT drawings love, keep them coming, Im going to Austin Browns show tomorrow night will start a thread if I see anything worth talking abouf. Godbless you ALL <3
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    Beautiful drawings, guys! You all have LOADS of talent to share with the world! God Bless you all! Much love! :)
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    Wowwwwww..you are wonderful..... :icon_bounce: :icon_razz:  :bearhug:
  • becca26becca26 Posts: 789
    Just drew this one of Austin Brown last night :) Not sure how to post pics.. Rebecca Thomas | Facebook
  • PureLovePureLove Posts: 5,891
    on 1337126059:
    <br />Just drew this one of Austin Brown last night :) Not sure how to post pics.. Rebecca Thomas | Facebook<br />
    <br /><br />becca I tried to see the picture but it says "This content is currently unavailable" when I click on the link you posted. Did you delete the picture?
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