Various Photoshops/Montages made by fans

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[size=12pt]I thought it would be a good idea to collect in this thread, <br />the most beautiful fan-made montages/photo-shopped pics![/size]<br /><br /><br /><br />5788342966.jpg<br /><br />374164wxw.jpg<br /><br />3987904240.jpg<br /><br />4221711048.jpg<br /><br />5429892554.jpg


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    I found this one. It´s lovely.<br />One world, one love.<br /><br />onelovet.jpg
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    That's really a nice one!! Thanks for sharing MaryK !!  :icon_e_wink:<br /><br /><br />This one is funny as hell !!  :thjajaja121:<br /><br />2214626378.jpg<br /><br />I loved this one too  :)<br /><br />2421611915.jpg<br /><br />2103613141.jpg<br /><br />33dw4soio.jpg<br /><br />201413upu.jpg
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    I'm so very grateful for the many incredible artists who have put the time and creativity into making these beautiful pics/art of Michael for everyone to enjoy and repost everywhere.<br /> :th_bravo:<br /><br />MJ, thanks for being such a beautiful subject - inside and out!  Here's to you and us in our forever friendship!!<br /> :beerchug:<br /><br />These dolls are apparantly 7" tall.  I would SOOO love a set sitting on my shelf... :computer-losy-smiley:<br /><br />pop-king-limited-edition-michael-jackson-art-doll-mj0002.jpg<br /><br />Love this painting and wonder if MJ did this himself?  MICHAEL JACKSON’S $900M FORTUNE DISCOVERED!! | Carlton Jordan<br /><br />Michael-Jackson-Art.jpg<br /><br />MJ made up of many MJ's.<br /><br />puzzlemj.jpg
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    The last one is amazing! Thanks for sharing MjonMind  :bearhug:
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    2509043669.jpg<br /><br /><br />3147581015.jpg<br /><br />5347181603.jpg<br /><br />
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