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I have been having an off-day since June 25, 2009 and here it is July 10, 2012 and it hasn't seemed to get any better. . . his "death" has put me in such a funk there are times I can not even seem to function, I guess it seems silly to feel that way about someone I do not know personally but I have idolized Michael since I was a kid and going through all his trials and tribulations with him over those years as a dedicated MJ fan just made me feel so close to him, I understood him and believed in him and wanted to protect him and it hurts me to know I can not do those things. . . he doesn't even know I exist on this planet but that will not stop my love and passion for this man. he's more than an entertainer, he was/is a caring, loving person with a uplifting spirit and a beautiful personality. He has taught me so much and helped me to grow over the years. I don't know exactly where I am going with this rant but I just need to get it out :\ Ever since June 25th, 2009 I have spent so much time trying to figure out what happened to MJ, I just felt he wasn't dead and I want answers (as we all do) and through all my dedication to him I believe I have failed at every day life, I even lost my job due to my obsession and with all that going on I was in much need of a break of all of the chaos. . . but in my break I have seemed to lost what has been going on and I am so confused now to what is happening  :over-react-smiley: <br /><br />Sorry for my long and confusing rant. I just needed to get that out.<br />- Reese


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    I can't offer much in the way of words but I can offer many of these  :bearhug: <br /><br /><br />
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    Thank you so much, it means a lot.  :)
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    You are grieving and there is no rules or instructions that come with that...Whether MJ is really dead or still alive, you still miss him terriblyand are probably really depressed.... Love is an amazing thing.<br />It can also motivate us to make changes in our lives.  Without love, we feel empty.  The job you lost, was not probably want you wanted anyway...It means that a change is <br />probably what you need right now.  Yes, we all feel the same as you, so  never feel alone.  You are in good company here on this forum, and I'm sure many of us will send<br />you heaps of love and hugs.  Michael endured alot.....and maybe it will comfort you to know that he is still alive and escaping all of the public assasinations for a while. Just remember, time does help...<br /><br />Michael is not gone....He is just missing.  Lets all be happy for him, wherever he is.  God bless and take care of yourself..and remember...to start with the man in the mirror, and learn to love yourself again...Cheers
  • @JohnLennon....I understand what you feel, stay strong Michael is there for us and we will be rewarded in one way or another by this long wait.<br />Ps: your signature pic is one of the Michael' sweetest pics I have ever seen.  :icon_geek:
  • @SgtPepper - thank you for sharing your heart with us. Many of us have or still do feel the same way you do. You are definitely not alone.<br /><br />My friends who posted above me have said it so much better than I could so I'll just say I agree with them. Michael is not gone - he is just missing from plain site.<br /><br />Hugs and Blessings to you. Stay strong - this too will pass and after a little time you'll be caught up.
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    Hi, I am sorry you are feeling low, I often think that it is like the saying that the ones you love the most are the ones you take for granted. We all loved MJ but I think cos a lot of us grew up wiv him there was a feeling he would always be there, ready to delight, touch and amaze us. So when he "died", we suddenly realised the huge void he was filling.(Is this making any sense?) Anyway I truly believe that going through the bad times as well as the good times makes us stronger, and look what MJ has already achieved since his "death" - an international community talking, caring and supporting each other, now we only need to get the rest of the world to do the same for each other. :bearhug:
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    :bearhug: I truly understand your feelings.  Believe me… you are not alone  :bearhug: 
  • @SgtPepper, it's just admirable that you shared your feelings here, because although this forum is with hope, faith and love for Michael, we all have these moments. Sometimes I find them undescribable, but you expressed them perfectly. I think many of us can relate to these feelings, at least I do. Thank you. I am sorry to hear that you lost your job. Are you still searching or have you found a new one? I hope you did and a better one! <br /><br /> :bearhug:<br /><br />L.O.V.E.
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    SgtPepper.... :bearhug:...we are a family, a great L.O.V.E. family....only this....You are not alone....L.O.V.E. you !!!  :bearhug:
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    Thank you all for your support, I am happy to be a part of the MJFam with all of you  :bearhug:<br /><br />@Wendy2012: I understand completely what you are saying :)<br /><br />@everlastinglove_MJ: Ever since I lost that job and took a break from hoaxing I was able to finish nursing school as an MA and now I have moved to Australia to finish my schooling further as an RN. (I only moved here a few weeks ago so I need to get all my paperwork situated before I can work over seas, which I am currently working on) I guess I just needed some time to clear my head and now I feel strong enough to be back here :)
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