Michael Jackson Death Devastated Kathy Hilton.

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Michael Jackson Death Devastated Kathy Hilton; Talks With Piers Morgan

http://www.postchronicle.com/news/origi ... 7740.shtml

Michael Jackson's longtime friend Kathy Hilton collapsed on the floor when she heard the devastating news of his death, before racing across Los Angeles to comfort the pop superstar's children.

The Thriller legend and Hilton became friends when they were young and remained close throughout adulthood.

Jackson died in 2009 after suffering a cardiac arrest brought on by an overdose of anaesthetic Propofol, and Hilton was once of the first to be informed of the tragedy.

Upon hearing the news, Hilton "fell on the floor", before heading to Jackson's home to comfort his three children.

After learning Prince, Paris and Blanket had followed their father when he was taken in an ambulance to Los Angeles' Ucla Medical Center, Hilton went to the facility to be with the star's family - and say her last goodbyes to her pal.

She tells U.S. chat show host Piers Morgan, "My assistant told me (about Jackson's death) and I literally fell on the floor. My sister came and picked me up and we went directly to the house as I thought the children would be there.

"Yes (I then went to the hospital). The children and Mrs Jackson and all the brothers and sisters were in this room and just crying and hugging each other and in a daze. This is a father that was so with his children. He's (been) dedicated since they were born, to raising and being with them.

"LaToya and Randy took me in to say goodbye (to Michael). I think if I hadn't I would never have quite in my head believed (he was dead) - even though he was a friend, he was such a powerful person.

"No (he was not alive when I saw him). I rubbed his head and his arms and his legs and his feet and I told him I love him so much and I whispered some funny things to him and that was it."


  • Adding the Youtube link... "I whispered funny things in his ears" she says, while he's dead on a table. Smiling none the less. Weird.
  • I always find the Hiltons to be almost playing a role, does anyone else get this impression? It's like I can't work out who the '"real" hiltons are.

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