13th anniversary of Michael’s acquittal

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Today marks the 13th anniversary of Michael’s acquittal from the child molestation accusations by the Arvizo’s. A good day to temporarily leave the hoax for what it is and focus on the shit that happened while Michael was not yet ‘dead’. Not only was Michael innocent and was proven to be in court, he was also framed. And not just with the accusations in 2003, but also back in 1993 when he was accused by the Chandlers. New accusations emerged in 2013 by Wade Robson, someone who testified on Mike’s behalf in the trial of 2005. Because this case is still lingering I think it is a good moment to repost the blog from February 2010, where you can read what transpired both in 1993 and 2003 and why you can safely assume that the 2013 accusations are completely fabricated as well. If I have time in the near future I will see if I can dig into the 2013 accusations as well, as I have done with the other two. It’s a long read and I will be making a full documentary on this when I have time, but I can assure you that it’s worth the read, certainly for those who have any kind of doubt still planted in their minds.<br /><br />Read the repost of the blog here: https://community.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/v-for-vendetta-v-for-vengeance-repost/<br /><br />

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