Grady Harrell Young Mike...?

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I don't remember how I ended up watching this video but the way this man moves on the first video...ring a bell ?<br /><br />It's not even a Jacksons' song...<br /> /><br />The second video, <br />  I've seen that this man knows how to control his voice, so he can also sing without sounding that hoarse...<br /><br />Third one:  He sings at 0:41 /><br />Also in the last video he moves like 80's Michael: />


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    Not so sure about that 'young' part since Grady is a year and a half older than Michael. He can sing the songs ok, but doesn't particularly sound like a Jackson. Not sure what you are getting at here?
    I do think he might go to the same barber shop as Jermaine though...  :Laughing: :Laughing: :Laughing:

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