The Truth Runs Marathons – UPDATE

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Taj Jackson has posted the latest update in regards to the documentary he is crafting in defense of his uncle. The update can be seen below.

Update December 29th

With 2019 finally coming to a close, 2020 will be OUR year. There is A LOT of pro Michael Jackson videos, docs and specials coming down the pipe line in 2020 that I am truly excited about. I thank everyone who is out there tirelessly spreading the truth everyday about my uncle. I always knew that there are way more of us then there are of them and 2019 proved it. When we are united and focused, there is nothing we can’t do. Cancel Culture took their biggest and deadliest cannon and fired it directly at Michael Jackson’s legacy. What they didn’t expect was for his friends, family, and incredible fans to put themselves in front of the blast. My uncle would be so thankful and grateful for all of you. I look forward to 2020, because with the release of “The Truth Runs Marathons”, we will finally put to rest all the ridiculous decades of lies and hold those accountable for spreading and profiting off them.

In order to donate to Taj’s doc, please click here.

The GoFundMe is now over $200K, even a dollar will help if you can spare it. You can also order our merchandise to support Taj.

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