Untitled Michael Jackson Documentary – UPDATE November 11

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Taj Jackson has posted the latest update in regards to the documentary he is crafting in defense of his uncle. The update can be seen below.

Update November 11th

Wow! What a week!

I am so happy with the progress we are making.

We recently just filmed Tom Mesereau’s interview as the backbone for the 2005 trial.

Tom, like always, was amazing and graciously gave us 8 hours of his time. I really appreciate him and how vigorously he defends my uncle and fights for the truth.I also reconnected with someone (from my uncle’s past) that I believe will elevate our project even more than I ever dreamed of. This project just went up several notches. And I already think big.

That’s all I can say about that for now 🙂As you can see, there are those who are desperately trying to erase Michael Jackson and his legacy from music history. We must not let this happen. We need to call them out and demand that they correct these calculated omissions.

But have faith, we know the truth, and as long as we keep sharing it and passing it down to our future generations, the truth will become history again. That’s the whole goal of this project… to be a concrete blueprint.Last but not least…

Thank you again for not only supporting me, but my uncle’s legacy. As I said before, it is an absolute honor to be working on this project. My uncle was the most amazing person I knew and I am grateful to do this for him.

My uncle always said the song “Will You Be There” had a very special place in his heart. I can say, without a doubt, you guys ARE there for him… through thick and thin and I know he is proudly smiling from heaven.

In order to donate to Taj’s doc, please click here. If you don’t have a credit card, you can donate through PayPal: info@themichaeljacksoninnocentproject.com (please pout in your note “Donation Taj Jackson”.

You can also help out both Taj and the Innocent Project by purchasing our products. 50% of total profits will be donated to Taj to support his documentary. Check out our Teespring Store here.

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