Really you think that Michael is drug dependence?

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I accept criticism, suggestions and if anyone disagrees, what is it ?,.... reviews

Michael Jackson suffered from heavy dependence on prescription drugs, this is an indisputable fact that ,...¿ indisputable?, I say that it knew nothing and maybe you too, but now this is an absolute truth. From June 25 all information points to a direction, the addition of Michael, true or not this statement has now become a "truth." "But we are sure that you?, All we have are statements by the press, no more theories.
Michael Jackson is a human being like you and I, with many qualities and talents, but will also have their weaknesses like you and me. What I mean is, why everyone now says that Michael is dependent on drugs?
Michael always proved to be very measured in terms of food and food, declare to be a vegetarian, also declared his cook.
A kind person and helps others with problems intoxcicacion is incompatible with Michael dependent now everyone says it was, that person is logical to use an anesthetic in his house, when everyone knows the dangers without being accompanied by a specialist. Michael is intelligent and a very informed person.
Very contradictory, Britney Spears, Robbie Williams, Lisa Minelli, artists who told their "exploits" with drugs, Michael never made headlines because of such conduct, and was the most persecuted by the papparazzi, he was never caught because of their alleged addiction to drugs.
Could it be that the press was kind to ?,... ! ja, ja, ja!, let me here make me laugh <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->
Michael always has the same physical appearance, sometimes thinner, sometimes not, but basically his point was good. Michael was always very jealous of their work and appearance, controlling everything, that was his business and everything was under his supervision, he has an undeniable gift for business. There are statements of the dancers who say that when they were tired in the trials, Michael encouraged them to give the best of themselves.
A person so jealous of his work, meals, imagende is compatible with a drug addict. Michaek is part of a very religious family. Neither he nor his brothers were never involved in drug stories. Now suddenly comes from everywhere, to say that Michael depended on drugs, Uri Geller came to say he slept in Michael's room, on the floor to prevent drug use, the video appears Pepsi accident in full detail , this video belongs to Michael and he never wanted to be seen, the seizure of drugs in his home after the family "visited" the same 4 days later. In the home of Brittany Murphy, the police came with an order the same day.
Joe Jackson, said his son was an addict, and was in the hands of people who was blocking his access to his family, I can not imagine anyone dominated by Michael, Janet confirm the dependence of his brother, in an interview in Fantastic, but almost eight to laugh.
"I wonder?, Now that family and friends gather to speak ill of" dead ", had now been overcome to some extent the problems of prosecuting child abuse, and I say something that will really hurt Michael The reputation of a person is worth more than all the money in the world .. returning to the above, everyone speaks of him as an addict, without thinking of the preservation of his image, very strange
Quincy Jones, always was making statements that favored Michael, after his death, declared that he was a racist who did not want to be black, and it was not the most talented artist with work. With family and friends so you do not need enemies
But other statements, Mark Lester, said in an interview that he had never seen Michael in drugs, Ortega and the dancers said they never saw anything unusual on the contrary that Michael was in excellent physical condition.
Cory Rooney to work with Michael talking about the tour Invincible fainting, dehydration, and Michael said "I did take medicine," Why, I did take, it clearly means that not used them, and when necessary to
Sam a family friend since Michael was a child declared that he had asked an employee's resignation that he had drug problems, this seems to me that Michael does not like this kind of behavior.
I personally do not believe Michael's addiction when he was on the Dangerous tour, which was the most physically exhausting, I think you could cancel concerts due to being very tired. Hospitalization for detoxification would be more private, the breach of contract, was another time when Michael admitted being under the influence of drugs, I'm not judging Michael, I'm not the one to do it and never would.
The death certificate is Michael Joseph Jackson, cuendo Michale his real name is Joe Jackson, anywhere in the world a document is valid with a wrong name. The death certificate says he had drugs in the body, but that does not show the dependence of the individual.
In my opinion, and I may be mistaken, this dependency only exists to justify a heart attack, and explain the "death" of someone still young and healthy.
I believe all these stories that circulated in late 2008 and early 2009 on the fragile health of Michael, skin cancer, lung cancer, inflamcion hands, etc, were the preparation of everything we're seeing from 25 June, I may be wrong, but do not believe in addiction. <!-- s:geek: -->:geek:<!-- s:geek: -->


  • I agree with you i've been reading and watching old videos of Michael and he was very anti drugs. He seemed conserned about how the culture was turning out. But I sometimes wonder if Michael thought that if a Dr. perscibed something than it wasn't considered a drug not like illegal street drugs. To see the This is It he seemed very alert no signs of drugs at all and if he was giving such heavy stuff as Profocol . My brother is addicted to prescripiton drugs and at times he couldn't function.
  • I Know! I can't seem to make myself believe that MJ was addicted to prescription drugs...I know he has had an extensive medical history with the vitiligo, Pepsi Commercial burns, and cosmetic surgeries. But even his chef Kai Chase said he liked organic wholesome foods and was very health conscious and i believe that. The 1st autopsy report said there was no food in his stomach and his but there was water, pills, and propofol in his stomach/system. Then the 2nd one said he was healthy for a 50 year old man?!?!?!?!? Even going as far as to mention his sperm production (which is too much information!) Somebody's lying and I do believe the 1st autopsy report was fake.
  • I believe that he had some psychological dependency on drugs in that he had so many underlying medical conditions that he had to take drugs to manage. He probably had been made to believe that they were necessary for management of these conditions and believed that if he didn't take them the conditions would get worse. Still he was able to continue to create in spite of them. Michael showed that he was strong and committed. Anyone else would have most certainly thrown in the towel a long time ago. He was obviously in some type of pain or discomfort, but he never let that deter him from doing what he loved. That shows a strength not many people have. I think he was dependent to the extent that he took his medications religiously because that's the way they had been prescribed for him which knowing Michael's perfection, he probably followed to a T. I wonder if he needed them all the time, or if those doctors purposely over prescribed to keep him feeling depressed and dependent on their services for monetary gains. Who knows what and how much those doctors told Michael he needed to take. If he was taking too many, it is because the doctors over prescribed them to him. He was not a junkie, not an addict. He was following doctors' orders. If he was over medicated, blame it on his medical team and greed. Sometimes the side effects of medications are worse than not taking them, i.e. sleep deprived, stomach distress, dizziness, etc. No telling how Michael was feeling from day to day at the hands of doctors who were supposed to be aiding him to feel better. Michael admitted to being in pain, in not being able to sleep, loss of appetite, etc. and he admitted to taking medications for his ailments. A junkie would never admit to anything. Michael was not an addict ass the media would have anyone without a clue to believe. I love you more, Michael. Got your back 100%. Tell the truth and shame the devil. <!-- s:evil: -->:evil:<!-- s:evil: -->
  • In addition to the people already listed above, we can add Miko Brando and Lou Ferigno. Miko insisted from day one that he never saw Michael take drugs or be impaired in any way. Was he just trying to protect his good friend? If you look at him on Larry King he became so upset at the mere question of Michael doing drugs and insisted this was untrue. Then there is Lou who states that Michael was healthy, he was building strength and there was no sign of drug use. Hmm...these two men have known Michael a long time. What's up with that? I am also confused with how Michael could be in a wheelchair and then less than a year later he's practicing for a tour? Nobody recovers that fast. I think it was a game to him, another way to get the media talking. My doubt about his drug use comes from watching him in video. He wouldn't be able to function like he did if he were on drugs. When would he have had time to plan the tour, talk to advisors, put staff in place, sign contracts with AEG, pick out his new home in London, buy furniture, buy pictures for his children, move to LA, etc., if he were on drugs? Oh - and he said he was in the studio working every day before then? He wouldn't have been able to turn it on and off like that. For as sick as they say he was, he recovered too fast - but that is just my opinion.
  • I believe MJ struggled with chemical dependency at different periods in his life. We all know he did in 1993, but if you look at Michael in 2000-01, he looked quite over-medicated and unhappy. Luckily, however, it seems that he got clean after that time period.
  • I completely agree with you...I never saw any signs of Michael having any type of drug dependency...extended use of propofol causes coordination issues and he looked rather alert and balanced in this is even when all the rumors about MJ being terminally ill in early 2009 i didn't believe it

    Also how could he pass that physical before starting TII if he was on drugs? He couldn't...they would have easily found it in their system...personally I think he was planning the whole hoax at least since the late 80s so I think him goingto rehab in 1993 was also just part of the hoax so people would belive he might have a drup problem...we can not forget here that this man is a GENIOUS and knew how the public and the media would react to all of this...but this is all just my opinion so...
  • Estou realmente chocado. Este texto é meu, foi postado no blog brasileiro em 03 de janeiro:
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    I containing the real authorship of the text on the site.
  • Sorry for the bad English. I am Brazilian and author of a blog from Brazil.
    The above on the dependence on drugs was published on 03 January and is my own.
    I'm shocked that my name does not appear, because I am a member of this community as well.

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    I remember MJ did an interview with Jesse Jackson and he said that he didn't believe in taking western medication and he use herb personal I never believe he was on drugs and if had any drugs in his system they was putting in his food and that why he stop eating
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    Is it possible that Michael Joseph Jackson (playing his twin all his life) was drug addicted and Michael Joe Jackson wasn't :-)

  • I'm confused. You believe in 2 MJs or not? (Just thinking of the other thread)

    Anyhow, I believe Younger MJ was not addicted, but at times during his life older MJ was. I believe older MJ had a harder life. (Pepsi Fire, Subjected to demolarising investigation including physical examination) Older MJ had a lot more triggers.

    I also think that with all the surgeries, obviously post surgery recovery hurts and strong medication is given. I believe younger MJ would probable go through the Post surgery typical pain management treatment with no addiction issues and the ability to spotty medication after it served its purpose, but most likely older Michael who has a susceptibility (Because of his life experiences) to addiction would get stuck in bouts of dependency throughout his life.

    The drug dependency or not is only one of the many inconsistencies.

    MJ loves KFC - MJ is a vegetarian

    MJ is unwell - MJ is in the best health

    There is so many things that show 2 MJs. Bouts of drug addiction in one and not in the other IMHO only another piece of evidence (among many others) that indicate 2 MJs

    Sorry to bring back the 2 MJs into this conversation which is actually about drug addiction. It's just that if you understand that there are/were 2 MJs, then it brings clarity to many subsidory subject about him.

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    When I look at MJ photos intuitively I feel there are 2 persons. One of them (the real one who is "managing the world behind curtains") has clever, intelligent, tricky eyes, second one's eyes are lost, not sharp and not very intelligent. I'm not sure about "brothers theory", he could be a close friend, a brother-like person. I feel latin-blood behind second person (not very sure, very sorry for it, but I feel this way).

    Logically, if all your life you're playing another person, living a faked life, your can be drug addicted. Definitely you can't live normal healthy life.

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    But when I start to imagine how technically it was possible to live their "twin life" and not be caught by paparazzi together anytime anywhere........I have only one idea - MJ (s) was MI6, BND or CIA agent (s) for years :-) sounds crazy, but everything is possible.

    Probably twins were important not only for music, but generally to take attention while the real agent was on duty.

    Who will check MJ's private plane?

    600 pages in FBI files...

    "Agents Jack and Lily, operation Dragon" B-)

    We need to search "actors and singers who worked for CIA or MI6" in world history....

    KGB was doggin' me

    Take my name and just let me be

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